European Great Commision Collaboration (EGCC)



EGCC is an informal network of like-minded Christian givers who want to resource God’s Kingdom in Europe. Relationships, shared passion and purpose is what really matters to us. EGCC strives to create a community of Christian givers who would be passionate about fueling the movement of God in Europe by supporting primarily Great-Commission Kingdom work. We believe that by connecting withother global givers, we can accomplish more for God’s Kingdom. We recognise that Europe still plays a significant role globally. However, Christianity in Europe has been in downfall over the past centuries. We believe Jesus is the change agent for Europe’s people. Therefore, we want to encourage European Christians to support outreach, discipleship, community and church developments. Together we can accomplish more than working independently. We believe that giver-to-giver and giver-to-ministry collaboration creates favorable conditions for a movement of God in Europe.

5 Mitarbeitende

Werte & Spiritualität


To see a generosity movement of givers, collaborating to resource the advancement of God’s kingdom in Europe.

Programm & Aktivitäten

Organizing gatherings of Christian philanthropists in the local-national contexts as well as in the Pan-European Summits.
Preparing tools for the education of the philanthropists in strategic giving such as manuals, videos etc.
Organizing fundraising events for increasing the support of European Christian Causes.
Creating Donor advised funds and provide funding for charities.


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